Birth Doula Services

Compassionate, nonjudgemental support. 

As a birth doula, I help create a harmonious birthing atmosphere for the parents, whether in the hospital or at home.  After our first “Getting to Know You Meeting”, I come to your home for two prenatal visits, including guidance in the BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® approach to childbirth, and I am available for additional telephone consultations. 

I provide continuous labor support, bringing music, candles (battery operated), scented oils, snacks – whatever is part of your birth plan.  But most importantly, I bring a calm, reassuring presence.  I support you emotionally at this vulnerable time, physically with with positioning and massage, and provide information to help you make educated decisions. I remain with you for a few hours after the birth, and provide assistance with breast feeding if needed.

If desired, I also provide one postpartum “Honoring the Mother”  visit with a ritual bath and massage. 

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