Doula Services

Doula client in birth tub

Traditionally, women have been surrounded by other experienced women during childbirth.  Currently, many women prefer to have their life partner act as a primary support person.  A birth doula provides reassurance and support to both the birthing woman and her birth partner, for whom this may be a new and challenging experience.  A postpartum doula cares for the mother after the birth and assists the couple with the transition to parenthood.

While your nurses and doctor or midwife are busy taking care of your and your baby’s medical needs, as a doula I support your emotional, spiritual and non-medical physical needs.  The simple presence of a calm, experienced person, whose sole responsibility is your comfort, can make a world of difference. 

Studies have shown that women who birth with the support of a doula have:

  •     50% lower C-section rates
  •     25% shorter labors
  •     30 % decrease in the use of forceps
  •     40% decrease in the use of oxytocin
  •     60% lower rate of epidurals
  •     30%  decrease in the use of pain medications
  •     Improved breast feeding
  •     Decreased postpartum depression
  •     Improved mother-infant interactions

        (compiled from Mothering the Mother, by Klaus, Kennell, Klaus)

Newborn with happy mom and dad in hospital

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