"I wanted to  let you know that this birth of my son was the best healing experience of my life. When I gave birth to Porter in the hospital, I felt like my power was taken from me.  This time, I got to take it back.  And it means so much to me that I tear up just thinking about it. I actually did have a good "tears of joy" session last night as I held my precious son AND daughter at the same time, feeling SO blessed. I will cherish every memory–the Xmas tree, the time of the night while everyone else was sleeping, the quiet, my desperately empty fridge/cupboard (we were supposed to shop that day).  All of it . . . I will cherish those memories forever!  I so appreciate you AnneMarie–so much.  Thank you for being such an instrumental part of this amazing experience.  Love, Breanna"

"Thank you so much for the placenta pills, I am really excited to have them!  And thank you for assisting at the birth. I felt immediately comfortable with you when we met, and I am really happy Paula suggested that you assist her. You have a calming and grounding energy that I was aware of through the intesity of my experience.  I'm glad people like you become midwives to help women have the birth they want. –  Cat."

"Our experience with AnneMarie has positively made another true believer in home birth. Annemarie has such an intuitive and peaceful presence.  She held a physical and spiritual space which facilitated a beautiful, confident, birthing process. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a clearly capable and grounded midwife.  Thank you AnneMarie!  Much love,  Alison, Leaf, and Jasper

"Wow.  How do I start….  Thankfulness. Thankful to have had such a beautiful, memorable birth, and thankful to have had an amazing midwife seeing me through it all. Annemarie is caring, giving, greatly intuitive and knowledgeable.  From the beginning,  she reached out to my husband and I, and not just as a healthcare practitioner, but as a friend and community member.  I immediately felt she believed in me, and the power of childbirth…. I definitely see why her website is “wetrustbirth.com”.  I felt safe and comfortable the whole time, even living 45 minutes away from a hospital.  Since my experience, I have had such an unexplainable outlook on life, birth, my body and other things. We'll miss Annemarie's visits, but are soothed knowing that we'll probably be starting those visits again in a couple years ;)   ~Marisa and Ryan"

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