About Annemarie

Annemarie with Newborn

I think of myself as a practical, down to earth type of person. I tend to stay calm in intense situations. My children have taught me how to be a more patient person, which helps me greatly in my midwifery practice. I was called to midwifery after the birth of my son who was born at home in Mexico, attended by a midwife. His birth was empowering and joyful, and I discovered I had a strength that I had never known before.  This experience inspired me to work with birthing families. I first trained as a doula and became a certified doula through DONA.  I attended births as a doula for a number of years before I enrolled in the MEAC accredited midwifery training program at Maternidad la Luz, an academic school as well as a busy birth center in El Paso, Texas. I completed my training at Maternidad la Luz, moved back to California, and gave birth to my second child, a little girl, who I caught myself in the water at home.  I completed my exams to became a NARM certified professional midwife and to obtain my midwifery license from the Medical Board of California.

I love midwifery for many reasons; I believe the way we are born has the potential to change the world. Midwifery meets me on a spiritual, intellectual, emotional, political and physical level. I am constantly learning from the families I serve and the other midwives I work with.  I can't deny that my favorite place to be is in between a women's legs catching her baby– it is always an honor and a joy!

Pregnant mother and child
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